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Map Suite Web Edition is an ASP.NET GIS control that generates maps online.
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May 18, 2012

About Map Suite Web Edition

Map Suite Web Edition is an ASP.NET server control that you can use to develop Internet and Intranet GIS applications with rich, interactive maps. Designed as an easy-to-learn yet powerful .NET native component, Map Suite Web Edition makes Web-based GIS accessible to beginning and veteran developers alike. Now even more simple to use than before, Web Edition needs only a few lines of code to generate fully-functional maps. Designed to be used with Visual Studio 2010, 2008 or 2005 and the .NET Framework 3.5.Map Suite Web Edition offers a next-generation GIS development experience with features like:

  • Use less code to accomplish more with the new streamlined API
  • Built-in, AJAX-powered UI controls, including panning, zooming and mini map
  • Dynamic panning allows new areas of the map to fill in automatically
  • Create your own HTML tooltips, markers and info balloons
  • Deliver imagery in standardized format with Web Map Service (WMS)
  • Supports Oracle Spatial, SQL 2008, PostGIS, ShapeFiles and GRID
  • Customizable drawing system, data sources and more
  • Includes over 80 sample applications with C# source code
  • Royalty-free distribution of your project
  • Professional online support, training videos and guides
  • 1-Year Software Assurance Plan
  • Much, much more
Map Suite Web Edition's powerful GIS feature set includes spatial queries, Regular Expression rendering, chart/graph rendering, projections, track shapes, GDI+ drawing, geometric functions, class break and value-based rendering, and much more.

Changes in this version:

Major upgrade adds improved performance and memory usage, new web request events and methods, enhanced XML serialization, Code Generator, layer transparency, Google Traffic and Street View support and much more.

System requirements:

400 MHz Processor with 256 MB of RAM, .NET Framework 3.5.

( By ThinkGeo LLC - Map Suite Web Edition Publisher )

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